01/04/2013 10:52

Christianity in Quebec and elsewhere

There are several religious movements and so-called Christians in Quebec. The division of Christendom Pentecostals, Baptists, Catholics and others, gives us the impression of a `direction` s work of man rather than the lord. Why not join `s to a single title? Christians only Christians. I do not think Jesus would have appreciated this division in its children. I do not think that `we must make a distinction between Christians and Christians. Yet we see that `there are still just two categories of believers among Christians. CHAMP (those will be removed) and THE ENDORMMIS who wake up to the Great Tribulation in great difficulties. It tells you nothing of the 10 virgins. The five foolish and five were wise. Mat.25 :1-13.

There was only one Jesus and he hath not changed. These are stubbornness of man that divides Christians. In the long run to make regulations force men `s Christianity, these men perfect finish for these differences by remoteness of the real message of Christ and forget the true meaning. For example, the history of religions shows that deviance can take certain religious groups. For centuries the Catholic Church, among others, tried to control the direction of our faith by manipulating our thoughts to teach us false hopes and bad teaching. Very often they kept people in total ignorance of misinforming us about the reality and truth. We see TODAY consequences that `was` the laws of men `s interpretation of the word of God. Yet God is not interpreted. It was, is and will always be the same. These changes we see a disastrous result. This institution was not up to the task required and has disobeyed the teachings of the Bible, changing its meaning, and adding either apocryphal texts, some contradictory to the Bible,

Since 1 and 2 Maccabees

And soon we will see

3 Esdras;

4 Ezra;

3 Maccabees;

4 Maccabees;

Prayer of Manasseh;

Psalm 151.

or is decreasing values ​​through teachings that are superficial and derivative happen. And it `s spread over the entire planet in all countries. There are countries where the confusion is such that we do not agree about the Bible. But back here in Quebec, our home in our comfortable life honeyed and numbed by ideologies that we want to hear and at any price. An ideology that our measure not too disturbing and above all that we can change our own way and even if our salvation depends on it for eternity. Must not be hidden in there too many people who are willing to throw everything overboard, even faith in Christ, because it affects their personal journey. Should not traumatize our youth with violent words of the Bible. They will stay mentally marked forever. Well as in some schools, children can no longer sing the ¨ ¨ light of the moon because there is the word `God in song. But we let the other people in different religions to ours, practice their devotion to our detriment. Nobody wants to see what God is whole, or Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Many people say it is too hard to believe in Jesus Christ because they have too much to lose and especially that the bullies in their freedom. When society accepts more secularization of religious life. C `is less complicated and much less rigorous. Their carnal life is much more important than their spiritual life. They say I must go here or there and quickly to something else, I do not have time to think, I now live and we'll see later if I can do something. In the meantime I do not have time to stop to make the point with all this religiosity. But I think the time at the end of the world in December 2012 and believe that Thor will deliver the world and proudly say Ah! I am an atheist, I do not believe in anything, I'm going to see my horoscope and my fortune teller I run my life as I please, me, me, me ... I'm famous me and certainly no place for God . Nope it gives nothing the old mythical stories there. This is especially the past and there is no evidence of this and blah blah blah rebla.

These institutions are so focused on the `` greed that led them to his teaching of evil ways, and we have people sleeping, dying in ignorance of the true faith in Jesus Christ. Not to mention the faithful to the spirit as gregarious sheep religiously follow the advice of their doctor or their psychologist of faith with masses galore masses or rocks. Ah! Then do not forget to give money for saying masses that our dead be saved, because the more we are rich we have more chances to be saved with the monetary donations. We pray to give indulgences for those who are in purgatory?? etc.. etc etc.. But do not you know that all these things are like tricks written in the horoscopes. There is NOTHING of it written in the Bible. We are a superstitious people filled credulities bitter. It is time to take charge and do a thorough cleaning in our religious beliefs by reading the Bible (do not take the apocryphal texts as part of the bible) to revive our faith in Jesus Christ killed on the cross to save us from eternal damnation. In addition, we will participate in the glory of God.

Christianity will never be the `friend of this world, and it` is why these are called Christians are divided, indeed, by this world.


Robert Boily 04-2013