external forms of faith

13/06/2013 17:14

external forms of faith
"They keep the external forms of faith, but reject the power." 2 Timothy 3.5
> When the favorite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan died, it decided to build in his honor a magnificent temple where his tomb is located. His coffin of precious wood was then placed in a field and builders began to work. The most precious materials were used. Nothing was too good for her. But as the years passed, the temple became more important than anything else, until the Emperor, noticing an old wooden box covered with dust and rubble in a corner of the building ordered s' rid of it. That in honor of whom the temple was to be built and was thrown aside while the temple continued to rise. If you find this story a little far fetched, look around you who come to your church!
> Those who really know Jesus Christ, never forget who he is and what they need Him. They always behold the empty tomb and the throne of glory where He sits now. They are there before him as servants loyal to their king, while others continue to observe the splendor of the building in which they find themselves, yawning boredom here or there, their eyes wander around the room their feet stir, sometimes they welcome their pastor, but the Bible says that they only claim to be faithful to God, then they reject the power of faith. Why is that? Because they are no longer among them whom they were celebrating before. In the same church are at the same time, builders of churches and true disciples of Jesus Christ. The first are there to admire a beautiful building, enjoy the program of activities of the church and exclaim with confidence: "What a beautiful church v
> Ivante "As for the others they are there to behold Jesus Christ, their Lord and exclaim:" Oh! What a wonderful Lord! "And you, why did you come to church this Sunday? According to Bob Gass