God is not changing

27/12/2013 12:43

 God is not changing

" Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above , from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. " Jacques 1.17
Unfortunately many people remain in anguish before God because they have a bad image of him . They are worried and live their Christian life with trembling.

Some see God as a picky, insatiable and be difficult to satisfy . They have the soul in pain because they constantly seek to earn his love and attention they stumble ... Others believe that God is selective , will he choose me? Like he really me? Then there are those who think that God is good but inconsistent, in other words the love of God depends on their successes or failures ...

Of course if you sin you grieve the Spirit of God in you and if you do good then the Holy Spirit is pleased with your attitude. However, beyond all this, God loves you. If you bring your children good grades you are happy, if the notes are poor you are sad . However, your love for them is the same. This is the love of the heavenly Father to you. God loves you , not a fussy , selective or inconsistent way but simply because you are his child. The love of God is not changing but constant.

There is in him no shadow of turning , he is not a man to say today, " I love you " , then the next day " I love you more ." Live in peace and seek to please your God, not to deserve his love, because you already have it, but simply to celebrate Father 's heart .

A Prayer for Today

My dear Heavenly Father, I come before you humbly knowing that you accept me in your presence, not because my good grades but simply out of love with the work of Jesus on the cross. Thank you for this unfathomable love.

Patrice Martorano