I have finished the work you gave me to do

17/09/2013 16:59

I have finished the work you gave me to do. # Jn 17:4

       True surrender is not to deliver our lives but our will. When this is done, you are done. This is for everyone the great decisive crisis of our lives. God never compels a man to give him his will, he never begs, he waits for the man to submit himself. This is a fight we can not deliver twice.

       Abandonment to the rescue. "Come to me, and I will give you rest. "When we started to experience what real salvation, then we surrender our will to Jesus, to find rest. Each problem that disturbs our heart or mind, turns into a call to the will: "Come to me. "This is going to him voluntarily.

       Abandoning ourselves. "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself. "The abandonment discussed here is that of my person - all imbued with the rest that Jesus put in my heart. "To be my disciple, give me all the rights that you had about yourself," he said. My life now is nothing more than a reflection of this abandonment. When it is completed, we do not have to fear any event, nor to worry about the circumstances, we fully Jesus enough.

       Abandonment allows to face death. "And another shall gird thee ..." # Jn 21:18-19. Do you know what it means, and to be bound to go to the death? Make sure that your failure is not caused by a transient intense emotion you would be able to take you back. Are you united with Jesus in his death, so to follow in everything and everywhere?

       Abandonment - and after? After a lifetime is no longer an aspiration to perfect communion with God and unwavering.