I will, be thou clean

08/09/2013 09:50

I will, be thou clean . Mr # { 1:41 }

The early darkness heard the decree of the Almighty , " Let there be light , " and there was light , and the word of the Lord Jesus is equal in majesty to that ancient word , synonymous with power . Redemption as the creation have their share of power . Jesus spoke, and it was fulfilled . Leprosy yielded to no human remedies, but she fled to the will of the Lord. The disease has no signs of hope or brand of healing, nature has contributed nothing to the healing side , but the word without help made ​​the entire work , and forever. The sinner is in a more critical and more miserable than the leper situation, he must imitate the example of the latter and go to Jesus , " begging him on her knees . " Leave it " live " his weak faith , even if it can not go further than " Lord, if you want , make me pure , "and then there is no doubt about the outcome. Jesus heals all who come to Him, and it emits no . In reading the biblical context of the text this morning , it is interesting to note that Jesus touched the leper . This person has violated the soiled insulation laws due to his condition and knocked on the door of the house, Jesus , far from rebuking has also breached the rule, to go himself to meet her. He made an exchange with the lepers , because while it was cleaned , it has even acquired a " stain Leviticus " by touch. Likewise, Jesus Christ was made sin for us , although he himself was no sin , so that we can be found rights by God, through Jesus. Oh if only the sinners could walk to Jesus , and believe in the power of his redemptive and blessed work , they take quickly aware of his power. The hand that has multiplied the loaves , which saved Peter when he plunged into the water , which supported the afflicted, who crowned the believers , that same hand will touch every sinner who seeks , and will thereby Similarly, pure . The love of Jesus is the source of salvation . He loves , he looks , he touches us LIVE .