What good obey?

16/09/2013 09:56

What good obey?

  " Stay in Jerusalem, until ... " Luke 24:49

> Jesus did not intend that His followers remain in Jerusalem. He had told them, that " repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached to all nations , beginning at Jerusalem " (Luke 24.47 ) .

But they had to temporarily stay in the city until they receive power from on high to enable them to preach the gospel to the four corners of the earth . Then we read that they " returned to Jerusalem with great joy , and were continually in the temple , praising and blessing God " ( v.52 -53 ) .

Wait patiently for God to give you His instructions and gives you the power to carry them out , and want to relive constantly highlights of your past experiences in His presence , are two diametrically opposite things . What means does God use it to make them finally out of Jerusalem ?
> Listen : "There was ... a great persecution against the church in Jerusalem and all ... dispersed ... But Saul was ravaging the church side , entering homes and dragging off men and women and committed them to prison " (Acts 8.2-3 ) .

When God has a mission for you He will arrange for you to find the right place at the right time ! Rather than let you ruin your destiny, it will on your way events likely to uproot you from your comfortable life. In fact today if you cross difficult times , the reason may be that you are trying desperately to stay in a place where you 're not supposed to be. Never attempt to relive your past or to freeze the moments you love : when God is moving, you have to learn to put in motion as his suite. Philip found himself in Samaria and
God used him to bring about a revival in the heart of the city. You probably have some tests today because God intends to use you soon. So put yourself in tune , it's time to get up to go forward in his wake!