01/11/2013 08:10


If when we were enemies , we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son ,

how much more , having been reconciled , shall we be saved by his life. # Ro 5:10

I am not saved by my own faith , but it is by faith that I realize that I am saved . It is not repentance that saves me , but it is a sign I realize what God has done for me in Jesus Christ. We may take the effect for the cause , and say : "This is my obedience, my consecration , which makes me acceptable to God . " No! Never! What reconciles me with God is above all the death of Jesus . When I turn to God and by faith , I accept what God reveals to me the amazing miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ immediately restores harmony with God. I am justified , not because I regret my sin, not because I am sorry , but due to the work of Jesus . In a flash the Spirit of God gives me the light and conviction without understanding how I know I'm saved.

God's salvation is not based on the reasoning of human logic , but on the death of Jesus, who offered himself as a sacrifice. Through the Atonement of our Lord , we are born again . Sinners can be transformed into new creatures, not by their repentance or faith , but by the wonderful work done by God in Jesus Christ. God himself guarantees my justification and my sanctification. We do not have to work on ourselves, they were completed by the Atonement. The supernatural becomes natural by the miraculous intervention of God , so that Jesus Christ has already done for us becomes reality : "It is finished ."