11/04/2013 10:41

                                         KNOW AND FOLLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT
The name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ...

God is Triune, that is to say it is three people gathered in a single unit. This is the divine essence of God, the plurality in unity.
"What is impossible with men is possible with God." Luke 18:27

Why God is it Trinity?
The Trinitarian nature of God revealed evidence of what is
more important to her: love. God is Love. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son is fully God, in a paternal-filial love perfect in a family in which we can all take part.


To understand the place and role of each person of the Trinity, we can make an analogy with electronics. This method will easily understand the overall functioning of the Trinity.

Accept an electronic circuit as the universe. An electronic circuit must have an energy source (eg a battery), this source of energy in the universe is God the Father.
An electronic circuit is always a goal, in our case, the purpose of the circuit will turn on a light, we take this view because Jesus Christ said that it is the light of the world.
In our example, the bulb will shine Jesus Christ.
The battery to the bulb, there is an energy that pass through the circuit to turn on the light. In the universe is the same, the energy between God the Father and God the Son, the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit).

If you remember technology courses, there are components requiring resistance. They are grafted onto a circuit and have different levels of resistance. The higher the resistance, the less current flows.
Human beings are like resistors grafted on the circuit of the universe. When resistance is low in a person, the Holy Spirit can penetrate and fulfill that person, it will greatly benefit from delivered energy. Only when the resistance is high, the flow of the Holy Spirit being blocked.

Elements that creates a high level of resistance in a human are others: sin, lack of faith in God, false beliefs, wrong to follow the Spirit of God.
Elements that remove this resistance are: faith in God, love, justice, loyalty, service to God, openness, tolerance.

How to recognize that the Holy Spirit fills a Christian?
By fueling his life deep within himself. Without cheating, seduction or without "cinema" ... when the Holy Spirit living in a Christian au naturel, it is full of qualities.


The Holy Spirit has its own personality and characteristics. It is simple, it is what is best for human beings: it is life, love, peace, intelligence, wisdom, freedom, equality, gentleness, strength, spontaneity, openness, universality, positive and creative.
These are the qualities of the Risen Christ, victorious and filled with the Holy Spirit.
As a whole person, there are things that he likes and others who displeased him.


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life and action. It is extremely powerful, it is he who embodies the will of God. He was in action during the creation of the earth where he materialized LIFE!
"The earth was formless and empty, darkness was there on the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." Genesis 1:2

Similarly, when a person is for the Lord, of course, the Holy Spirit is present in the person and through his actions. That is why it is important to work for God as it brings us closer to him.

In fact, a mature Christian in belief and practice must breathe the qualities of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that would give non-believers the desire to know God.


The Holy Spirit by following the feeling and intelligence (which is a strong characteristic of the mind). Do not hesitate to question in the light of God's truth because it is God who is paramount.
Is my way of living Christ leads you to it characteristics of the Holy Spirit? If my Christian life leads to morbidity, routine, intolerance, bigotry or sadness ... so logically not the Holy Spirit is not present in my practice. The Spirit of God is not so and it can not approve something that is contrary. In this case, the destination of Christ is good but it is the path taken to the destination that can not be good.

So how to take the right path?
Using the qualities of his own mind to find God. Jesus did he not say: "Seek and you shall find ..." Luke 11:9
and he also asked us to walk with our minds: "We who walk not after the flesh, but according to the Spirit" Romans 8:47
and thus avoid the flesh can even be present in our spiritual walk.
The intelligence of our minds guided by God can greatly help us, because God tells us that "depart from evil is understanding" (Job 28:28).
So naturally, being smart and avoiding evil on our spiritual paths, we can then move towards the truth to God.


When you understand the Holy Spirit and are looking forward characteristics, track your Christian hold on what is pleasing to God. Follow God is to follow Love, Peace, Freedom, intelligence, wisdom, equality, spontaneity, openness, universality. It should not make any concessions over. This is what must prevail and must be present in your Christian life. Contrary should be avoided as not coming from God.

It is an exercise of the highest caliber and can totally pray to God to help us to follow. I suggest you this prayer:
"Lord, you said that your ways are not ours. Lord, I want to learn to follow you, help me to walk with you correctly, constructive and fruitful. Because I want to be filled with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for raising me ... my life and my intelligence because you said that your people are the head and not the tail. The name of Jesus Christ I have asked the Lord. Amen. "