Never alone with Jesus

14/02/2014 12:51
Never alone with Jesus
"... The kindness of the Lord is not exhausted , his mercies are not their words ... Great is your faithfulness ! " Lamentations 3.22
Never alone with Jesus
There is what is called " the law of series " . Sometimes all disasters or bad news fall on us while at the same time other side we combine the good news and the joys ... All dims in our mind and we wonder why this happens to us . It is a certain thing is that in those moments God is near us. Better! He lives in us by his Spirit and power frees us from all burdens and all situations.
Christian devastated , discouraged,
You're tired , ever experienced.
Looking comfort where there are no
And you think wrongly be alone down here.
You pray ... you pray, you cry , you beg , NOTHING
Yes, it seems to you that the Lord does nothing ... !
Your heart and mind are drowned in the vortex
And you sink ... you sink into the abyss of your thoughts .
I can not tell you why and why now!
I can not tell you how long
This challenging and long tunnel last
But hold on ! Yes, hold on, be strong!
And even if you find it hard to believe
Jesus understands you , it is your only hope .
Alone saw the depths of your pain
Alone includes your sighs and your tears .
His mercies are renewed from the rising sun
And his mercies remain the night.
Can you count all the stars in the sky ... ?
It is the same blessings of the Lord .
Everything you live is not in vain
Because God does everything for a purpose .
God is always there , it is very near you
Do not give up , I pray thee, hang on !
It happens to you bear nothing you can do
Nothing that Jesus would come to help you!
No, no, no! You 're not alone down here !
Jesus , believe , Jesus is with you!
A Prayer for Today
Lord, you assure me of your presence and your strength in difficult times . Help me to shake this reality in my heart and continue on the path of faith. In the name of Jesus. Amen !
Patrice Martorano