Pray with all your heart

05/12/2013 09:19

Pray with all your heart

" As you seek me with all your heart " Jeremiah 29:13

God is not impressed by the eloquence or the length of speeches . He is touched by a heart which deposits its burden on the altar and reveals his sorrows to that can do everything.

And what can he do? Well, everything for which you trust . "Whatever you ask for in prayer , believe that you have received it, and it will be yours " Mark 11:24 .

Insurance in prayer is not based on your ability to speak , but to listen and understand. He knows in advance what you are trying to tell him . An old hymn says: " In times of trouble, thou hast been my refuge Thou hast often saved the tempter Oh yes , I love you , blessed hour . . " .

Either you learn to pray , or you become champion of anxiety ! Everything you give to God, he supports and what you keep, you take care .

If you feel that spiritually everything goes and nothing happens , you will be crushed under the weight of your burden. Do you live it ? If yes , prayer is your solution. It makes you that the existence steals .

When you pray, say : "Lord, I believe that you are capable of handling this issue better than me, and I trust you ." If you pray and everything is in God's hands : the mood of your boss, surgery you dread , your children, your finances, etc. .

Action for today

God is ready to intervene on your behalf. Just make sure you pray with all your heart . "Trust your life to the Lord , trust in him and he will " Psalms 37.5