... The Messiah be cut off, and there will be no successor

16/01/2014 09:30
... The Messiah be cut off, and there will be no successor. {# Da 9:26 }
That his name be blessed , because there was no reason in Him that He died. Death had no right on Him because there was no original sin in Him , no sin committed during his life on earth. Nobody had the right to kill him because he had done no harm to anyone , and no one could retain power if He had not Himself consented to die. But here it is: a sin and another suffers. We have offended justice, He paid for the atonement of our sins . Torrents of tears , mountains of offerings, seas of blood of oxen and incense hills would have been unnecessary for the remission of sins. But Jesus was crucified for us and at the same time anger hanging over us has been removed , because sin was thrown away forever. Through his wisdom, the safest and fastest way of atonement by substitution was introduced ! This act of humiliation was to be the Messiah, the Prince, a crown of thorns and did die on a cross , and it is this love which led the Redeemer to sacrifice his life for his enemies! However, remain in awe of the spectacle of the innocent shedding His blood for the guilty is insufficient. Indeed, we must be certain of the interest we have in this sacrifice. The purpose of the Messiah's death is the salvation of his Church. We are those for whom He gave His life a ransom ? The Lord Jesus is our advocate it before the Father ? We are healed by his stripes ? This would be a terrible thing to miss our part of the sacrifice of Jesus would be better not to be born . The question is solemn , but it arises in happy circumstances as this is a question that can be given a clear and correct answer . For all those who believe in Him, He is a Savior to this and each of them the blood of reconciliation has been poured . All those who trust in the value of the Messiah's death be joyful whenever they commemorate their holy and recognition leads to a full consecration to the service.
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