Tired of empty

06/06/2013 10:01

Tired of empty
If Christians believe in Jesus Christ and his work, he will have all the promises made by God after his departure from this earth and for eternity.
If the atheist believes in nothing, what is left for him during his lifetime or after his death?
Had he lived less than 100 years for a few trinkets collected during their life?
Are there no hope after his earthly life?
Some consult horoscopes to determine their future, but are not interested to know their eternal future?
When we are children, we see the very old, very far.
When we non-Christians (children) we see eternity as too far or nonexistent.
Are you tired of being a kid? It is not for you to know a little more about where you go after death. (Without consulting the dead, because the dead will give you absolutely nothing like responses). It would be a shame that you missed all these gifts, because you have not taken the time to stop your eternal future. 100 years it exists, also 200, 1000 and even 10,000 years etc also. We have experienced evidence. Eternity is just further. As a child of 10 years seen in 90 years he sees it unattainable. Start by reading the New Testament a little each day. There are websites that gives you how to read a little a day without making it too heavy. Here is a site that will work well and you read the Bible in a year day after day after day. In the language you want and in the version of the Bible you want.
Here is the website: https://www.youversion.com/fr/bible/152/jhn.1.s21
You must register for the management of day. Then everything is automatic. One year after you something to think about your future. Thank you.